Is There More To Life Than This?

We Emphatically Say YES!

24/7 Prayer Week

GOD: God is drawing you to Himself.

LIFE: Our life is a journey. Our destination is our Creator, God Himself. Ironically, our destination marks the beginning of a new life (Jesus calls it being born again, John 3:3), which leads to new adventures.

BIBLE: God’s Word (the Bible) is your compass directing you to God, His character, heart, the cross, His will, and plans.

CROSS: God’s decisive act of love in Jesus and the most important event in all of human history.

CHURCH: Followers of Jesus (what God calls the church) become a major source of community, relationship, encouragement, growth, guidance, purpose, and support on life’s journey.

MAUKA MAKAI WINDWARD: One of many local churches on a mission to see God change lives, beginning with mine. . .one life, one ohana, one community, one nation at a time.